Welcome to the Reclaiming OUr Lives blog. If you came here via ReclaimingOurLives.org or via our Twitter, you probably already know what Reclaiming Our Lives is all about. If you stumbled upon this blog from anywhere else, here is a brief explanation of our aims.

Reclaiming Our Lives is a website, blog and Twitter account that aim to provide information and support for individuals who have survived any kind of trauma or abuse. Some of you may say that there are millions of such sites out there already. To that I can only reply that the market of trauma/abuse prevention is never saturated unless preventable trauma stops and all people who suffered inevitable trauma, such as natural disasters, will get proper care and treatment.

Others will feel that they may have been touched by an overwhelming experience, but they are hesitant to call it traumatic. If this is your situation, you are not alone, and Reclaiming Our Lives hopes to help you discover this and get along in your healing. Our site was originally created for you, in fact, but we want to be inclusive of all survivors of overwhelming experiences.

Who is the face behind the site? I am a woman in my twenties who survived a number of overwhelming experiences, and now suffers the mental health consequences of these. With the help of therapists and nursing staff and by
using self-help resources, I try to heal. I prefer not to give out too much identifying information, in case the people who were involved in my trauma find this page.

  1. would like to thank you very much for your blog,I WAS ABUSED very sexually by 2 ladies
    and 2,men ,i have bladder and bowel problems because of it.all so have m.e, because i
    was abused ,are you aware of any research .this is very rare ,please do e.mail chat


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